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  • Only $1 / image: 1/10th the cost of a picture on Shutterstock or Adobe Stock.

  • The entire collection to date, at 50 % off: That's only $0.50 per photograph! (please use the contact form)

  • Lifetime license: You may use purchased images, for both private and commercial purposes.

  • No account required: One less password you'll have to remember... Instant image download.

  • Not sold anywhere else: The images you'll find here can only be purchased on this site.

  • Web-ready: Purchased images are already optimized for web integration and fast loading times.

  • Ever-growing collection: Already 400 images available in a variety of subjects, and more to come!

  • No photographer credit required: Purchased images are watermarked "Galland Photography" so you are free to use them without crediting the photographer or this website on your blog, article, advertisement.

About me:

My name is Jonathan Galland, and I am a music composer. Back in 2011, I became interested in photography and it has become a much-beloved hobby ever since. I am self-taught and shoot with a Sony RX-100 that I own since 2012. Many of my pictures are unplanned moments. Since my camera is much smaller than a typical DSLR, I can afford to carry it with me wherever I go and snap every opportunity that comes my way.

I like to shoot in burst mode, and in manual settings for the best possible outcome. I then select my best shots and open them in Photoshop to crop, sharpen and reduce artifacts.

I started to casually upload my pictures to Facebook, and after receiving requests to download and use the pictures, I have decided to create a dedicated page on my website to host the high-quality versions. All pictures featured here can be licensed for $1 (0.90 €) only. My entire collection is also available at 50 % off (if interested, please make use of the contact form below). This is quite a bit of work. Your support is much appreciated and encourages me to upload photographs more often in my free time :-) Purchases also help with the various costs of my music career.

To access my music website, simply delete the word "photography" from the URL.



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⚠︎ Terms of Use

  • Customer shall use the image purchased, in perpetuity for both personal and commercial purposes. 

  • Purchased images shall not be used in conjunction with any unlawful business. 

  • Customer does not own purchased image but is granted a perpetual RTU license (Right To Use).

  • Customer has, therefore, no right to sell, donate, transfer, license or alter the product in any way. 

  • The "Galland Photography" watermark shall not be removed. This ensures that the author still retains ownership of the image, and remains credited for his work.

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