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From Music Connection Magazine (January 2020)


Critiques and Soundtrack Analysis

The Ribbon soundtrack review
The Ribbon soundtrack review

More soundtrack reviews for The Ribbon

"There are many movies including blockbusters where the soundtrack is only background music of little interest. In the case of composer Jonathan Galland, we can say it is impossible to imagine "The Ribbon" without his music. The score is subtly woven into the film and the musical phrases support every change in of frame. A beautiful melody creates an exalted mood. Moreover, this astounding score really sounds like paradise music. The image and music become a single whole and give birth to a genuine artwork."

"Euro Fest" European International Film Festival

"The thematic orchestration is magnificent, very reminiscent of that heard in vibrant anime 2D work in the 1980s and 1990s, often very capable of bringing in and enhancing the color and the characters' moves throughout, as is the case in this 2D whimsical production. The musical stroke beauty is even extended into the closing credits, wherein the musical tune grows in sudden intensity, delivering to the average spectator a sensation of victory, peace and joy. Indeed, with every scene, Galland's work helps us dive to the very depths of the essence of a little girl's imaginary work. In many ways the ribbon to this neat animated treat/gift is the music behind this productions, as it ties it all up to perfection.

MLC Productions / MLC Awards

"The most impressive part of animation films are their soundtracks, especially in which there is no speech, and where emotions are tried to be conveyed through images. Jonathan Galland has done an outstanding job. Music within the fiction supports the script, and there is no narration that the music suppresses. The musical element has been used as an utterly supportive element. Especially the composition at the end of the movie is also very suitable for the nature of the film."

Anatolia International Film Festival

"The soundtrack seems specifically composed for this short animation, as it gracefully follows the lead dictated by the visuals and story, while never stepping into their shadow or taking center stage. The music flows seamlessly through the various feelings highlighted throughout – joy, confusion, heartbreak, loss and a bittersweet victory – always matching the intensity and emotions, and elevating them a step further. A remarkable result!"

The Monthly Film Festival

"The Ribbon is a bittersweet trip that just under 5 minutes delivers a lot of emotional weight. The amazing score of Jonathan Galland helps to deliver the message in a caring way and manipulates the emotions of the viewer, sad when it is needed but also hopeful, optimistic and freed."

Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival

"At the center of this magnificent story is the outstanding work of French music composer, Jonathan Galland. Galland's brillant film score not only showcases his unbelievable talent but simply stated is the true heart and soul of the film. Music is a vital part of filmmaking and when done with precise precision helps to illuminate many elements within the story. Director Polla-Ilariya Kozino and composer Jonathan Galland use a mastery of their perspective talents within each frame of The Ribbon."

                                                                                                               Dreamachine International Film Festival

Exploring the Pacific Northwest

"This documentary would have been incomplete without the ecstatic background scores of Jonathan Galland. The mixture of sharp electronic tones and the wildlife ambience sound made it a perfect piece of art. Precise drum beats are provided with perfect sync of birds fluttering and pecking the woods. The music selection of this documentary satisfies the ears of its audience with the exact serenity that the visual intends to produce. The documentary keeps on progressing from one province to another showing the beauty and hidden stories of wildlife while also making continuous caution about the protection of the environment keeping the flow active with lively soundtracks. Classic instruments like Cello, Violin, Piano and Flute have been used to create magical yet natural sounds that served the purpose of the documentary with some extra cream."

Beyond the Curve International Film Festival

Jonathan Galland_JUNO Awards Official Th

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