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Music Editing

for Visual Media

The job of a music editor is to synchronize non-original music to picture. The music tracks are carefully chosen by the director or the music supervisor if any. Music editing is very common in documentaries, where there is neither the budget nor the time for a custom musical score.

A temp track (also known as "temp music" or "temp score") consists of existing pieces of music or songs that the director uses to help composers understand exactly what they want for a specific scene. Temp music provides important information such as genre, mood or pace. One of the jobs of the music editor is to quickly edit these temporary tracks to picture so that the composer can start writing as soon as possible.

If you would like to submit a project for a free estimate, please use the form below:

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Jonathan Galland Frequently Asked Questions

⚠️ remember that I have an hourly rate. Therefore, consider sending only the locked cut (free of any timecode change).

Unless you need music editing services for the purpose of a temp score, you must provide me with music tracks licensed to you. A music editor's job is to cut the music to picture, not to provide music and songs clearance. Music editors therefore can not be held responsible for their work if the music provided to them was not rightfully licensed from the rights holder to the client.

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