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Don't take my word for it !


Welcome Coaches & Choreographers !


My name is Jonathan Galland. I am committed to provide expert music solutions, from consulting, to music editing, arranging, or creation of original music for competitive skaters and shows.


Being a skater myself, I know how much work we put in our programs to make them as flawless as possible. As a working composer, my job is also to remain at the highest standards of the entertainment industry in the field of scoring, arranging, orchestration, and music editing.

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Kurt Browning

4 × World Champion, 4 × Canadian National Champion, 3 × Olympian, 1st person to land a quadruple jump in competition.

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I wish Jonathan had been a part of my career sooner. His understanding of my musical needs (not to mention his clever and creative suggestions) would have been SO handy along the way. Glad to have met and worked with him. More to come!

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Douglas Webster

Executive artistic director of Ice Dance International

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It is difficult to find a composer of Jonathan’s talent who understands the intricacies of composing for ice dance and who is flexible enough to be able to write pieces for various audiences. Jonathan is unique in that he is the whole package. We choose to work with Jonathan not only because of his talent, but because of his technical expertise, his strong work ethic and his professionalism.

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Jonathan Beyer

TSL (The Skating Lesson)

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We need more people like Jonathan involved with helping skaters and choreographers understand music!!!!

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music editing for figure skaters
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Kurt Browning and Jonathan Galland discuss music for Figure Skaters

(interview excerpt - January 2022)


When I'm not creating music, or skating, you may find me in the music booth at US Figure Skating competitions and championships. Over the years, I've had the chance of cueing music for a number of skaters such as Jason Brown, Gracie Gold, Ilia Malinin, Polina Edmunds, Bradie Tennell, Isabeau Levito, Alysa Liu, Madison Chock & Evan Bates, among many others...

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