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Mixing & Mastering

Mixing is the process of blending the different elements of a musical track in order to create a cohesive and balanced piece. The work is done in the multitrack session which includes the different recorded layers (aka "stems") as well as automations, and allows instruments to shine at their brightest without overpowering one another. This is achieved through the use of EQs, Panning, compression, limiting, reverb, among other plugins and techniques. 

Once each recorded element of the musical track is optimally mixed, the final step is to Master the musical piece to create the audio file. It's the final touches of the rendered audio, and typically involves making the track as loud as possible without losing any data. Depending on the production purpose, the final track may need to be delivered in a particular format and respect a particular loudness threshold.


⚠️  For mixing services, please send a folder or uncompressed archive including all of your stems as WAV files. Each WAV must be the same duration, even if that means some of your files will be mostly silent.

If you are submitting a track for mastering only, your audio must be in a lossless format (WAV, AIFF, FLAC, M4A, etc.)

Both mixing and mastering services are included with your order of original music or music editing.

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