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Shadow of the Day (feat. Danica Lipetsky)   -   Cinematic / Trailer version


Danica Lipetsky

Danica Recording.jpg

7-year-old Danica successfully created a powerful sense of beauty and innocence in this dark, action-packed cinematic track. Her vocal presence adds an emotional layer that redefines the meaning of the original Linkin Park lyrics, transporting the listener to a familiar yet dangerously unknown world.


Key:​ G# minor

  • Ethereal beauty

  • Sorrowful

  • Emotional

  • Dark

  • Epic

  • Wounded hero

  • New world exploration

Track duration: 2 min 22 sec.

Tempo: Free time (intro)

110 BPM (exposition)

Full lyrics breakdown for "Shadow of the Day - Trailer Version":

"I close both locks below the window

I close both blinds and turn away

Sometimes solutions aren't so simple

Sometimes goodbye's the only way, oh

And the sun will set for you

The sun will set for you

The shadow of the day

will embrace the world in grey

and the sun will set for you"

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Danica was also nominated by the 2020 International Singer-Songwriter Association and became Finalist for "US Young Adult Artist Of The Year"

Danica Lipetsky ISSA finalist.jpg

   What you will get:

  • A unique, cinematic / trailer track with an epic twist to the widely popular “Shadow of the Day” by Linkin Park.

  • The uncompressed audio stems (48k / 24-bit WAV) with metadata included :

  • An exclusive deal (the track will not get licensed anywhere else or to any other entity).  

  • Solo Vocals by Danica Lipetsky

  • Solo Vocals by Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)

  • Woodwind section

  • Brass Section

  • Drums & Percussions

  • String section

  • Additional orchestra

  • Guitars

  • Bass

  • Synths 1 (ambiance, drones, atmospheres)

  • Synths 2 (designed sounds, trailer FX)

IDBLM 160060

About the composer :

Jonathan Galland is a French music composer, currently established in San Francisco, California. His work for motion pictures (ranging from feature-length documentary and fiction to animated shorts and music for advertisements) has received to this day over sixty national and international music awards, including "Best Composer" , "Soundtrack of the Year", "Critics Choice Award" , "Outstanding Achievement" and "Award of Excellence" accolades, as well as specialty awards such as "Best Orchestration for an Animated Short", "Best Song Music Production" or "Best Trailer Arrangement".


Galland’s music can be heard on internet radios such as and has been mentioned in trade publications such as Music Connection magazine. His soundtrack for "The Ribbon" has also received in-depth reviews and analysis on film music blogs.

Classically trained since the age of six in the French music schools, and as a violinist in Paris, Galland progressively developed a passion for writing music to motion pictures. He completed his MFA in Music Production and Sound Design for Visual Media, with an emphasis on Film Scoring at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. Galland is affiliated to SOCAN, and a member of The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS). He is also an approved submitter to the Academy Awards (Oscars) and recently served as a music judge for the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (CARAS) at the prestigious JUNO Awards.

Some articles about Jonathan Galland's award-winning work:

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