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Exploring the Pacific Northwest” is a sixty-five-minute nature and wildlife documentary directed by Ian A Nelson and narrated by Gregory Harrison. It has won numerous international awards from both film and music festivals around the world.

The documentary takes the audience on the American and Canadian Pacific Coastline through the states of California, Oregon, Washington, as well as the province of British Columbia. The wide diversity of these regions include dense forests, drylands, waterfalls active volcanoes, mountain ranges and ice fields, where many animals thrive. These include the endangered Vancouver Island marmot, the grizzly, black and Kermode Bears, wolves, bobcats, elks, mountain Goats, bighorn sheep, owls, eagles, and bats.

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This documentary would have been incomplete without the ecstatic background scores of Jonathan Galland. The mixture of sharp electronic tones and the wildlife ambience sound made it a perfect piece of art. Precise drum beats are provided with perfect sync of birds fluttering and pecking the woods. The music selection of this documentary satisfies the ears of its audience with the exact serenity that the visual intends to produce. The documentary keeps on progressing from one province to another showing the beauty and hidden stories of wildlife while also making continuous caution about the protection of the environment keeping the flow active with lively soundtracks. Classic instruments like Cello, Violin, Piano and Flute have been used to create magical yet natural sounds that served the purpose of the documentary with some extra cream."


Beyond the Curve International Film Festival

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