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The casting call ends on September 15, 2019 at Midnight, Pacific Time !

Welcome parents and kids! My name is Jonathan Galland, award-winning music composer and creator of Bending Reed Music. I am currently working on a cinematic / trailer version of the song "Shadow of the Day" which will require a young singer for a portion of the lyrics.

What we are looking for :

  • A child's voice (boy or girl)

  • Innocent voice quality (13 years old or younger preferred)

  • Untrained voice is OK. No need to be a singer

  • Accapella recording of the talent's voice

What we have to offer :

  • A great experience inside the music and movie industry

  • Possible national and international recognition (including publicity, and potential music awards to be shared with the talent)

  • A no-stress gig: No need to travel. Simply record your child's voice from the comfort of your own home and send us a link to your audio file(s)

  • Future collaborations will be considered if the talent has provided a performance that satisfied the musical needs of the track.

  • In the event that the track also gets a placement into a film trailer, the talent shall receive 25% of the revenues generated by the track (royalties)

  • If the track does not get a placement and does not generate revenue, The track will still be released on all major online music platforms worldwide (including but not limited to Youtube, iTunes & Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Shazam, Deezer, Spotify, Soundcloud, Tidal, KKBox, LINE Music, Napster, 7Digital). The parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the talent will be able to opt-out of any of these music streaming platforms if they so wished.

Full lyrics breakdown for "Shadow of the Day - Trailer Version" :

"I close both locks below the window

I close both blinds and turn away

Sometimes solutions aren't so simple

Sometimes goodbye's the only way, oh

And the sun will set for you

The sun will set for you

The shadow of the day

will embrace the world in grey

and the sun will set for you"

Key : G# minor

Tempo : 70 BPM

Approximate singing time : 1 min 03 sec.

Total track duration: 2 min 22 sec.

Mood of the music : Ethereal, dark, epic, cinematic, dynamic, suspenseful, Heroic, Adventurous

How ?

  • Have your child practice with the above video until they feel comfortable singing the lyrics. Make sure they respect the key and tempo of the video.

  • If you and your child live in the San Francisco Bay Area, let us know and we will have you both come in for the recording session. Just email us at if you and your child are not in the San Francisco Bay Area, please read on.

  • place your child in a place that doesn't resonate too much. a small bedroom usually works fine. He or she must also be able to have access to a computer or portable device in order to sing with the video.

  • Record your child singing to the whole video 3 times with a decent audio recorder (please no phone recordings). Remember this is a professional project that will be heard by top production companies.

  • Upload the audio files online (dropbox, google drive, etc.) and paste the link into the appropriate field of the casting form below.

  • complete all required fields and submit the Casting Form.

Good Luck !

About the composer :

Jonathan Galland is an award-winning French composer, established in San Francisco, California. Being Classically trained since the age of six as a violinist and through music conservatory, he progressively developed a passion for writing music to motion pictures. Jonathan completed his MFA in Music Production and Sound Design for Visual Media, with an emphasis on Film Scoring at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. As a musical storyteller, Jonathan Galland now works closely with filmmakers from around the world, helping them bring their vision to life through the power of sound.

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