I am committed to provide the best music editing options possible for your program. Being a freestyle skater and ice dancer myself, I know exactly how much work we put in our routines to make them as flawless as possible. As a working composer, my job is also to constantly be at the highest standards of the entertainment industry in the domain of scoring, arranging, orchestration, and music editing. When I'm not working, I am on the ice practicing or performing.

"Why do I need to hire a music editor when my coach or myself can do the work?"

It is not really a secret that the vast majority of skaters and coaches edit their music themselves. It makes sense that they do, since they're the ones skating to it. However it takes an experienced technician and musician to make the educated decisions which will give your edited piece continuity and flow. Have you considered that there are always trained musicians and knowledgeable music enthusiasts in the audience and the judges panel? These people will notice the slightest musical inaccuracy, but chances are they won't tell you. It can be as simple as a pop or click in your audio, a dynamic range that is too wide, a missing beat, a wrong timing on a crossfade, a sloppy change of tempo or meter, a modulation that is harmonically wrong, a cadence that does not fit the rest of the piece or a missing harmonic resolution... there is a long list of musical mistakes possible, and if you have not studied or worked for many years in this field, you will not catch them all. Many skaters spend a great deal of time, energy and money on a skating outfit, but close to nothing on music, which is what your entire performance is based upon. Professionally edited music will make you stand out and boost your confidence on the ice.


Advanced editing techniques

Accurate editing and the professional tools I use will give you total freedom to place each of your moves exactly where you want them. I recommend that you provide me with a video of your routine (skated by yourself or your coach) if possible, to make the edit even more tailored to your performance.

Time saver


Your time is precious... don't waste it trying to figure how to edit your music and how to make it sound fantastic. Give your coach a break too. they're already working hard on your technique and choreography; spare them the trouble of cutting your music. Most don't enjoy it as much as I do... so leave the hard work to someone with the right experience, knowledge and tools so you and your coach can get on the ice instead! Rest assured that I will be in touch with your coach during the whole process so (s)he can monitor progress and adjustments.

Song Remixes


Do you have a specific song in mind? Do you want an original remix tailored to your performance, just like your favorite artist wrote your routine music? This might be possible depending on the music you give me. Because I work in the music production field, I have access to the original recording sessions of over 630 famous artists and popular bands. Remixes are not available for all songs released, so make sure to check with me first.

High quality audio


Once your edit is complete, you will receive an email with private links to download a standard 44.1 kHz / 16 bits WAV file for your CD, as well as an MP3 file for you to play on a portable audio device or through your phone. If you're getting a revision of the edit, you will also get details about what has changed since the previous delivery. Please note that I do not mail CD's because I believe that at the age of the internet, you should not have to wait for music to be delivered to your doorsteps in order to start practicing your program. This also keeps your price low since there is no shipping costs. If you currently skate in San Francisco, CA (YBIC) or Oakland, CA (OIC), I can, however, give you a CD in person if you wish.

Arrangement and Orchestration


Want to use some pop music, but wished it sounded more epic, like a film score or a trailer? I can make it happen! I have the ability to add a string section, brass, woodwinds, percussions, ethnic instruments, ethnic vocals, a choir, synths or musical FX... you name it! The end result will blow your mind.

Makes finding music a breeze


If you are excessively picky about music like I am, you know how frustrating it can be to try and find that perfect track for your routine. I will help you find music that you will love and that you've never heard before." Simply fill the appropriate fields on your order form and I will send you a preview of several tracks that should go well with your routine. Please note there is a $10 fee to cover database access, research time, and creation of the preview file before you can hear it.  


competitive rates


For the sake of simplicity, I provide all the above services for the low price of $50 / hour. Since all orders are custom, you will never pay for something you don't need. 

Up to 5 revisions free of charge


I am very aware of the many changes a routine goes through from its inception to the moment you bow to the judges. Do you have a new timing? elements added or removed? alternative footwork? a new jump or spin combination? no worries. If you find yourself to be consistently out of sync, I will make the necessary changes to your edit, at no extra cost.

If you would like to submit a request for music editing, please use the form below.

If you would like to submit a revision of an edit already delivered, please use the "Contact Page".


Please review your answers before submitting this form. Thank You !

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